Computer Guided Dentistry is Now a Reality!

Similar to the advances in medicine, which allow robotic surgery with pinpoint accuracy, computer guided dentistry now offers dentists the opportunity to deliver minimally invasive procedures with outstanding aesthetics and precision accuracy.Below is just one example comparing the major difference between traditional tooth preparation for a three-unit bridge and how CGD has revolutionized the experience.

As you can see, there is a major tooth reduction on the perfectly healthy teeth in the traditional preparation.

Computer guided dentistry is minimal and the bridge is inserted the same day the teeth are prepared, therefore eliminating the need for a temporary bridge and another appointment.

Another fabulous alternative to replace just one missing tooth would be a dental implant. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford an implant and some people are just not candidates for a dental implant.
Ask Dr. Rubin how Computer Guided Dentistry can improve the health of your dentition as well as the aesthetics of your smile!