Safety Protocol is Our Top Priority, learn more about our COVID-19 protocol.
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COVID Protocol


Safety Protocol is Our Top Priority

In this crazy world we live in these days, I just wanted to assure you that we take every precaution to make certain that we are all safe when you come to our office for your dental needs.

It begins by only allowing one patient at a time into the office. When patients get to the office, they must call the office to announce they have arrived. If there is another patient still in the office, you will be asked to outside in your car until the receptionist calls you back to say it is safe for you to come in. 

Once inside, your temperature will be taken in the reception area and you will be asked several questions. These questions are meant to let us know if you have any symptoms and who you may have been in contact with someone who may be contagious or a carrier of COVID-19. We will also ask if you have been tested recently and if you have received the vaccinations. 

All treatment rooms are cleaned and sanitized from top to bottom between patients to make sure it is safe and ready to be used for the next patient. 

It is important to remember that we as providers need to stay safe as well so we do not become carriers and infect our patients, staff, or our own family members.

We take our responsibilities as healthcare professionals to protect our patients as well as ourselves very seriously.

We do not want to see you put off necessary dental treatment, including keeping up with your routine dental cleanings, because you are not sure how safe your visit will be with us. 

We welcome any questions you may have regarding our safety protocol.


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