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University Dental Care

Cosmetic & Family Dentist located in New Brunswick, NJ

Modern dentures provide a natural-looking option for replacing missing teeth. At University Dental Care in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Lanny Rubin, DDS, and his team offer custom-made dentures to replace teeth on both the top and bottom jaw. You'll be thrilled with the result when you choose dentures at University Dental Care. Call the practice or request an appointment online today to learn more.

Dentures Q & A

What are dentures?

Dentures are removable replacement teeth that can restore your smile and dental function. University Dental Care works with you to create a denture with the correct size, shape, and perfect shade of your teeth, so you’re thrilled with the result. 

The team aims to create a look so natural that nobody knows you’re wearing a denture. Whether you are a female and need small, dainty teeth, or a male with masculine, rugged teeth, the team has a wax try-on, so you can first see exactly what your new teeth will look like in relation to your overall facial features. At this point, the team can make any changes necessary and evaluate the changes we made at a second wax try-in . Once approved, we send it to the lab to process.

What is the process for getting dentures?

If you’re missing several or all of your teeth, the first step to finding the right replacement solution is to schedule an appointment at University Dental Care. The team provides a  thorough exam with X-rays to determine if dentures are right for you. 

Your dentist takes molds of your gums and any remaining teeth. They use this mold to custom form dentures that fit your mouth precisely and create a natural-looking smile. 

When your dentures are ready, you come into the office for your dentist to check their fit and adjust them to fit over your gums. You are given instructions at that time and are told that if the denture rubs anywhere in your mouth, that you should plan on seeing the team as soon as possible   for further adjustments.

 In some cases, your dentist might recommend securing a bottom denture to your jaw with dental implants. 

How should I take care of dentures?

You should rinse your dentures and mouth after every meal or snack. You should also gently brush your dentures with a denture cleanser to prevent bacteria and plaque from forming on them. 

You should  take your dentures out overnight and store them in a sealed container of water or denture cleaning solution. Keeping your dentures moist when not in your mouth is a must.  

What can I do to get used to wearing my dentures?

University Dental Care provides personalized advice on denture care and getting use to wearing your new dentures. It's essential to wear them as directed, even while eating, to get use to the way they feel in your mouth.

You can read aloud or sing to help acclimate yourself to your new teeth. You can also practice exercises to strengthen your cheeks and help make it easier to eat and talk. 

If you develop sores on your gums or cheeks, make an appointment. Your dentist can adjust the fit to prevent any discomfort.

Call University Dental Care or make an appointment online today to learn more about dentures and if they're the right tooth replacement option for you.