Hugger Bridges


After almost 25 years practicing dentistry I have noticed that there are many adults who are missing just one tooth. I have also found that this one tooth is usually an upper bicuspid, which is the tooth behind the eye tooth or canine.


If left untreated, the front teeth begin to drift towards the back, resulting in spaces or diastemas between the anterior teeth which only continue to get worse over time. Back teeth drift forward, creating tilting teeth and spaces that catch food over time, which are known as "food traps". If this food debris is not removed with floss, the gum becomes inflamed and begins to bleed.This can be the beginning of periodontal (or gum) disease.




In order to replace the missing tooth, there are two options. The first being an implant and the second a fixed 3 unit bridge. The bridge would mean cutting healthy virgin teeth, in order to hang the missing tooth between them.




A Hugger Bridge is a great option in these cases because it wraps around the adjacent teeth and gets bonded to them. There is no need to prep these teeth at all. Therefore, no anesthesia is needed. Just a simple impression is needed, then its off to the lab in sunny California. If you or someone you know would like more information on the Hugger Bridge, please call us at 732-545-2368.